You’ll find that Select Shopfitters Australia are down-to-earth specialists who speak your language. But we understand that you may still have questions. These are some of the most common questions we are asked.

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How long will it take to build my shop?

This is a difficult question to answer at this time, because we are not yet familiar with your requirements. There are many variables that control the time factor, such as the type of shop you wish to have, the equipment you want and so on. However when these are decided, we will be happy to provide you with a fixed time frame for your project.

Once agreement is reached, we set up a schedule showing all aspects of the works and provide you with a copy so that at all times, you can monitor the progress of your project. As a rough guide though, three to five weeks of onsite building time is common.

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I am looking at renting an empty shop. What do I have to do to get a shop built according to my own needs?

There are a number of things that you should seriously consider before you get to the stage of talking to a shop-fitting company. Namely:

  1. Determine the type of shop you wish to open. e.g. franchise, stand-alone, fast food, clothing etc. (You probably already have this in mind)
  2. Determine the style of shop that you wish to build, e.g. single boutique store, something in a large shopping centre, within small group of shops with street frontage (strip shops) etc.
  3.  Then you need to select a suitable site considering the important aspects such as exposure, Council zoning, parking, competition, rental rates, advertising / promotion commitment, etc.
  4. The next step would be to have preliminary discussions with your financier to ensure that funds will be available as needed for the construction process.

Is that all I have to do?

Not quite. Once you have consolidated this information in Q1, then it’s time to talk to a suitable and experienced interior shop fit-out company or shop interior designer.

Select Shopfitters Australia can give you great assistance in this area, particularly through their long and successful association with one of Australia’s best in the business, Food Strategy Australia and their subsidiary Retail Strategy Australia who are specialist shop designers. This way, the costs of design will form part of your overall contract price. In discussions with you, this company will provide you with a basic outline of how the shop could be set out according to the style you want, showing all necessary fittings and fixtures.

They will include legal requirements such as, Workplace Health & Safety regulations, space allocations, shelving, cooking equipment layout, storage areas, counters with best customer aspect, shop frontage, signage  and so on. However, this is a basic outline only, not commercial working plans or drawings for submission to council for approval. The designer and the shopfitter need to work closely together. Using the Select Shopfitters Australia / Food Strategy or Retail Strategy, combination benefits both the owner and builder. 

What happens then?

Your chosen shop-fitting company should then be able to provide suitable plans and specifications and arrange council and other legislative approvals as well as a quotation for you. Select Shopfitters Australia can do all this for you and provide you with a fixed price quotation so you know what your shop will cost.

Select Shopfitters Australia’s two directors and factory manager have a combined total of over seventy two years experience in shop-fitting and construction. Select Shopfitters Australia is a licenced commercial builder as well as a qualified and licenced cabinet-making and shop-fitting company.

Having commenced this family business in 1984,Select Shopfitters Australia have built and fitted out hundreds of shops all over Australia to the great satisfaction of the owners. They use the most modern equipment and are aware of the latest trends in building shops that work well.

How can I be sure that the cost won’t escalate beyond the quoted price?

Select Shopfitters Australia will provide you with a fixed price quotation which can only be altered with your written approval.

If a necessary change in price occurs which is beyond the control of Select Shopfitters Australia, you would be provided with a written variation document detailing what is to be altered, why it is to be altered and the difference in price (if any).

Don’t forget that some changes can also reduce the price to you too. Any cost savings are passed on to you.

I don’t know much about building and fitting out shops. I am concerned that I may miss something important.

Your concern is quite normal. That’s why Select Shopfitters Australia works very closely with you throughout the job, from the beginning where working plans are drawn and quotation given, to the completed job.

The experience of Select Shopfitters Australia is very broad. We talk with you at all times and provide you with a “Turnkey Operation”.

What is a “Turnkey Operation?

A “Turnkey Operation” means that your shopfitter undertakes the complete job for you, arranging scheduling and co-ordinating all the necessary trades, supervision of the work and managing quality control from all aspects. The job is the complete responsibility of Select Shopfitters Australia from the very beginning until the handover of the keys of the finished shop to you.

These trades include (but are not limited to) concretor, drainer, plumber, ceiling fixers, plasterboard installers, sheet metal workers, tilers, electricians, air conditioning installers, etc to name just a few.

The shopping centre management / developer appear to have some very detailed requirements as far as the construction of the shop is concerned. Do I have to find out all the requirements and tell you?

No. We can save you quite a headache here. Select Shopfitters will liaise with the centre management / developers to ensure that their building requirements are included in the construction of the shop including Category 1 works.

What are Category 1 works?

Normally, if the shop is in a shopping centre, the developer / builder will install certain items which are terminated at each individual shop. (These are Category one works). The individual shop owner then has to arrange connection of these utilities to their own shop.

These may include, electrical works (main switchboard) underfloor drainage, air-conditioning, fire alarm / sprinkler system, shop-front design and construction, etc. This is one of the areas where Select Shopfitters Australia has the edge because being a qualified and licenced commercial builder, they are able to undertake and arrange all these works saving you a great deal of time and worry.

Why should I choose Select Shopfitters Australia if I get a cheaper quote from another company?

Select Shopfitters Australia welcomes competition but remember that the plans and working drawings would have to be redone by the other company. Unless the other company is also a licenced builder, they may not legally be able to undertake some aspects of the work.

Select Shopfitters Australia will give you their best quote first time without haggling. The price may be reduced by selecting cheaper fittings and equipment. However the fittings and equipment supplied by Select Shopfitters Australia are designed to work properly from day 1

No shop owner wants to close his / her shop even temporarily because of equipment breakdown. With the correct equipment and / or fittings this is much less likely to occur.

Further, Select Shopfitters Australia won’t provide you with a huge unexpected bill for unquoted extras at the end of the job.

How do I know that Select Shopfitters Australian will keep its promises, compared to some others?

Select Shopfitters Australia Is a company that places strong emphasis on business ethics. All things agreed to, will be shown and explained in writing through the specification, construction plans and construction agreement. Their reputation for high standards and ethics are expressed by our many satisfied customers.

Select Shopfitters Australia has successfully completed jobs for National fast food companies, major banks, Government entities, large building companies, small businesses, individuals, etc and subsequently have had great experience in all aspects of quality shop construction and fit-out.