Tenancy Requirements

Before commencing the initial shop-fit design, Select Shopfitters Australia will require certain information regarding the premises, and details of the type of business and future stocks to ensure that the design meets the most exacting project demands. This information will be affected somewhat by whether it exists in a mall, or as a stand-alone building.

Most major shopping centres will have available a “Tenancy Fit-out Guide” to assist the shop designer. This information is required to ensure the design of the shop-fit is in keeping with the individual theme of the shopping centre. The guide will also specify details such as ceiling heights and shop front treatment requirements. Upon signing a lease for your tenancy, this document will be issued to you by the centre management to pass onto Select Shopfitters Australia as your designer.

Stand-alone buildings are not placed under the restrictions of a corporate governing body, however, structural information is necessary to ensure that the design complements and integrates with any structural advantages and limitations.

For all situations a 1:50 floor plan is essential. However, if you do not have access to such a plan, Select Shopfitters Australia will take measurements to prepare working drawings of the premises.

Following the detailed design work, final costings will be submitted for your final consideration prior to acceptance.

Plans & Approvals

With a tradition in the design and construction of professional office, retail and food preparation premises, Select Shopfitters Australia design to the Australian Health Standards and Council requirements. Throughout the preparation of working drawings, we can assist in the application for approval by local; Council, Health, Plumbing and other relevant departments.