Solid Surface

Select Shopfitters Australia are authorized fabricators for multiple formats of SOLID SURFACE products.

STARON®, New Stone and Laminex’s Freestyle™ are but a few of these types of products Select Shopfitters Australia can fabricate and install.

Solid Surface is the next generation of surface material used to enhance the look of bench tops, fascia panel’s and decorative features in shop fit-outs, corporate offices and domestic applications.

Solid surface products boast attractive properties that most other products cannot be compared to. Some of these properties are that Solid Surface is non porous, stain resistant with smooth and impenetrable seams. Therefore making it ideal for the use in counter tops, food preparation areas, high impact area’s such as seating, table tops and reception counters etc.

Solid Surface is also a preferred product used in commercial applications such as partition walls, elevator interiors and many others high impact public areas. Because of its hygienic properties solid surface products can be approved for the use in areas such as restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Also Solid Surface can be produced with an almost invisible join in most cases and this adds to the appeal of this product allowing a flowing affect though-out the product surfaces.

Solid Surface is available in many unique colours which can compliment any colour scheme that has been applied. As well as solid colours and quarry or stone look colours some solid surface products are available in a translucent finish which creates an opportunity to incorporate back lighting for a unique architectural finish.